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The first time I met Sgt. Lichtenberg I was at the lowest of lows.  I was at the point of trying to end my pain. He was one of the first people to respond to my cry of help, I want to make sure I say thank you for the help I've received from him and the other Deputies and local law enforcement. Sgt. Lichtenberg did not act like a big city cop he was able to sit down and talk with me for a fair bit to understand what was going on. He was able to make light of a dark time he was able to show me there is more to life and more to care about, proving that there is hope in the world and there is help and for that I'd like to extend my full gratitude and support to him in any way possible! Thank you Sgt. Lichtenberg for being a good person and a great law enforcement officer! — Jason Jensen
A good man and a good friend

Saunders County Sheriff Candidate Chris Lichtenberg is wholeheartedly supported by the members of Cedar Bluffs Fire Department. Chris has been more than an active member, he has been an integral part of the team for many years. Chris is the first to pack up, pull a hose line, and head right into the fire. He is the first to jump up at 3 am and respond to someone’s medical emergency- whether that involves CPR or simply offering support in a mental health crisis. Chris is known to be able to find resources for those who need help from installing smoke detectors, grab bars or hand rails, to helping that community member receive assistance with mental health resources and more. Chris volunteers his free time to help with administrative tasks, designing new apparatuses, fixing equipment, and attending trainings. Chris willingly comes to the station to teach new members skills. As fire chief, I can count on Chris to watch over my firefighters during a structure fire. He is the first to climb up the aerial ladder and vent the roof. From the moment we arrive on a scene, he is working right alongside every other member until we are finished cleaning hoses at the station afterwards. Chris’ leadership style is to work alongside his brothers - whether that’s on the fire ground or in a cruiser as a Seargent on the Sheriff’s Office. Chris has the respect of his fellow deputies and his fellow fireman. Chris has spent years developing cooperation across the county, with neighboring county agencies, among fire departments, and with law enforcement agencies. Chris is respected by fellow officers, firemen, and citizens as he treats every person as an individual with compassion and fairness. Chris was the first to volunteer his airboat to save a stranded family during the floods of 2019, ultimately losing that airboat as it capsized and being rescued himself from the frigid waters. Chris willingly grabs his tractor and disc to create fire stop on field fires. He is a skilled drone operator and provides visuals of fire scenes to better plan an attack and stop the spread. I feel Chris has the leadership skills, the working background of where the Sheriff’s Office has been, where it is now, and where it needs to head towards in the future, and the understanding of interdepartmental dynamics to accomplish his goals of bettering the department. As a leader in the Sheriff’s Department already, Chris has set expectations of his deputies and understands the tools and training needed to reach their goals. One of those goals being a new updated radio system. This is a tough goal to reach because of the need of many different groups within the county to agree, and though expensive, it is much needed. Currently, our radio system does not allow us talk to LifeNet Medical Helicopters, Dodge County agencies for mutual aid - fire or law enforcement. There are many “dead spots’ throughout the county - where radios won’t transmit communication out. This can delay patient care, fire resources, and is a huge risk to they safety of officers and fire/rescue personnel responding in these locations.

Sincerely, Chief Rob Benke

— Rob Benke
Fire Chief

As many of you know, I am a Deputy with Saunders County and have been here going on 20 years. I have been asked by many people who they should vote for in the coming election. I cannot tell you that. I do not live in the County and cannot vote myself. You need to make sure that you do your research and know the facts of the candidate that you are voting for. I hear a lot about Curt not living in the county, not working for the sheriff’s office and other matters. I cannot tell you anything about Curt as I have not had the opportunity to work with him as he is what we call temporary part time employee. I have only worked with him 1 shift since Thanksgiving. This means that he does not work any set schedule. I have not spoken to him in regards of what his plans, or ideas for the department. Where does he live? I do not know. I do know that he only needs to establish legal residency if he wins the election. That being said, I must give my backing to Chris Lichtenberg. I have worked with Chris for many years and have seen him rise through the ranks to Sergeant. Chris puts in many hours off duty for the department and many times not charging the county for his services. Many times, he has come out on his own, with his personal equipment to help on missing person searches and locating suspects with his personal drone. Chris wears many hats at the Department, Firearms instructor, Taser instructor FTO Officer and many more. Chris Volunteers with the Cedar Bluffs Fire Department and he is almost always on the scenes of accidents or fires in the county in his district and in many cases if he happens to be in the area, he helps other departments. If you want to know what his plans are, just ask him. I am proud to work with him and I think he will be a great choice for Sheriff. Ask your local fire department about Chris. He is known by all of them. — Thomas Janecek-Saunders County Deputy

I don’t usually comment, post, or share anything about politics but this certain election for sheriff is just too important not to. I also want to make it clear this is my personal opinion so take it as that and for what it’s worth. I have recently had the opportunity to meet both candidates for the Office of Sheriff in Saunders County. Both have very distinguished service records with various agencies in their line of work and I feel that’s important, but with that said some things need to be brought to attention. Chris is a current full time deputy here in Saunders County, the other candidate is not. I can say I’ve worked with Chris on many facets nearly on a weekly if not daily basis, the other candidate I have yet to have any opportunity to work with simple because he’s not present. Chris knows what is needed in this county, because he’s out there with many agencies asking the questions that need to be asked, the other candidate has yet to ask those same questions. One of the biggest issues in this county is the aging, inadequate, and failing radio system. Chris has been vocal that this project is one of his priorities, the other candidate has not shared the same support or concerns. Experience on a local and county level is what this county needs, not a state agency approach and that's why I think Chris will excel. I hear and see a lot of bashing by both candidates supporters and I will say it’s embarrassing for this county how low some of these people stoop. At the end of the day every voter needs to stop, take a deep breath, and think about what you want your future to be when it comes to county law enforcement. My opinion is that Chris is the best option for that seat. Everyone always says “shop local” or “buy local”, well this is your opportunity. I can’t think of a better person to be your sheriff, that’s why I am supporting Chris Lichtenberg for the Sheriff of Saunders County. — Cody Bennett Hull-Wahoo Fire Chief

I have know Chris for 25+ years. I have worked with Chris on the Saunders County Sheriff's Office, the Cedar Bluffs Fire Department, and in my capacity as Chief of Security for Woodcliff Lakes. I know Chris to be a very honest and genuine person, as well as a very professional law enforcement officer. His experience, enthusiasm, and code of ethics will make him a great choice for Sheriff of Saunders County. Get out and vote for Chris Lichtenberg for Sheriff.

C. George Wolsleben

Saunders County Deputy Sheriff/Chief of Security Woodcliff Lakes

— George Wolsleben
Chief of Security

I have had to opportunity to work with Chris Lichtenberg for the past several years in the Saunders County Sheriff's Dept. I have watched him take on many extra duties along with being promoted within the Dept. by current Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz. Chris is the perfect choice for Sheriff in Saunders County. His dedication to this dept. and his community is outstanding. Chris is an honest individual who in my opinion has the respect of other members of the Sheriff's dept. He has my full endorsement and support! He is the right choice. — Robert Thorson
Current Deputy Sheriff/Saunders County. Retired Lt. Colonel NE State Patrol

The Members of the Cedar Bluffs Fire Department are proud to announce that at our monthly business meeting we voted to unanimously support Chris Lichtenberg as the next Sheriff of Saunders County.
His strong work ethic and devotion to public service are admirable. He knows the county inside and out due to his 27+ number of years as a volunteer fireman, and 21+ years in law enforcement, of which 16 years are with the Saunders County Sheriffs office. We have had the honor to watch him grow with the Saunders County Sheriff’s office through his career. Currently he is a Sergeant, field training officer, drone pilot, pistol/rifle instructor, and taser instructor.
Not only is he one of our own but he values family, honesty, moral character, and is always willing to help out no matter the time of day or what is going on. These are just a few of the reasons the members have put their unanimous support behind Chris as the next Sheriff of Saunders County.
Follow him at Chris Lichtenberg for Saunders County Sheriff on Facebook or
Best of Luck!!!

For my friends in Saunders County:
I don’t post on Facebook often, and I think this is worth your time.
I want to share my experience working with Chris Lichtenberg over the past 9 years while I was the felony prosecutor for Saunders County. I believe Chris will make an excellent Sheriff.
Chris is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate officer. He connects with victims and witnesses in a genuine way, and this connection is readily apparent while testifying at trials. Chris has always been quick to respond to questions I had, regardless of whether it was a work day, or weekend. He testified in one case that a reporting party had contacted him directly to report an assault because his cell phone was posted on his public Facebook page. That’s a whole new level of available!
Chris is level headed and fair as an investigator. He finds the best in people even when under stress. Chris seems to have a magnet for finding new cases. Even under high stress situations, I’ve yet to watch a body camera video or read a report that shows he lost his cool. That’s particularly impressive given my own temper.
I no longer serve in Saunders County. I’m grateful for the wonderful people I was fortunate to work with while there.
I know you will all be in good hands with Chris as your next Sheriff. So go VOTE!

On February 3rd Members of the Yutan Volunteer Fire Department voted unanimously to Formally Endorse Chris Lichtenberg for Saunders County Sheriff. Chris has shown the dedication and commitment to the members of this county and his peers in police, fire, and ems. It truly takes a TEAM effort, and Chris has always shown that. — YUTAN FIRE DEPARTMENT *

Chris Lichtenberg for Saunders County Sheriff 
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