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School Paper by my daughter Kennedy

So, a few weeks ago my daughter Kennedy asked me if I cared if she used me for a paper she had to write in school. Not really knowing what her assignment was, I told her sure, go ahead!
She just shared the finished paper which she also had to present about in front of her class. I can certainly tell you that I had tears in my eyes after reading it! Working in the public service field, whether getting paid or being a volunteer, definitely takes some balance to be able to maintain relationships and family life.
Since my whole life has been centered around serving Saunders County residents, I can certainly say that continuing that mission as the next Sheriff will be something that I look forward to. Please take the time to read her paper.
I certainly appreciate everyone's support in my campaign! Remember to get out to vote May 10th!!!

Chris Lichtenberg for Saunders County Sheriff 
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