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10 days till election day and other updates from Meet and Greet....

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my meet and greet last night in Wahoo. There was a bunch of great discussion about important issues in Saunders County.
With just over 10 days left before election day, I want to remind my supporters to be sharing my posts and telling their friends about me and my campaign. With that being said, please do not get caught up and engage in the negativity we are seeing recently on the Facebook community boards. I want my campaign to solely be positive and about my qualifications and what I can do for Saunders County.
Another reminder for any voters that still need to switch their voter registration to republican so that you have a vote in the Sheriff election, May 2nd is the last day to do that in person at the Saunders County Clerks Office.
Let's keep running strong to the finish line on May 10th!!!

Chris Lichtenberg for Saunders County Sheriff 
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